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Accurate and timely transfer of information is as important as moving or warehousing the cargo/goods itself. At Warehousing Express , we view technology and systems development as a core business strategy and strength. We are able to control our systems' development by designing and supporting the software that our operations staff uses every day. Our IT professionals work on the development of new systems applications and enhancement of our existing systems. This consistency drives global standardization and enhances the quality and efficiency of our communications. Our systems are built to provide efficiency and functionality to our staff, allowing Warehousing Express to provide outstanding customer service and competitive rates.

At Warehouses

  • IP based CCTV Cameras
  • Intrusion Alarms at all facilities

Our Systems

  • Make an online booking
  • Arrange a pick-up
  • Document imaging system
  • WECMS ( Warehousing Express Client Management System)
  • Auto generated reports

Value Added Services

  • RF security tags
  • Barcode scanning
  • MRP Printing